Casa Pasarela

Casa Pasarela represents a new residential design project, created with the desire to integrate the interior with the exterior of the living structure. Wood, marble and metal are the three main materials of the project: minimalism and attention to context make Casa Pasarela a residence of extreme aesthetic comfort.

The lighting by Panzeri blends harmoniously with the interior of the structure, the large spaces are balanced by the lamps that fill the voids and lighten the rooms. Silver Ring is the aluminum hanging ring that dramatically decorates the dining room thanks to its triple composition, making functionality serve the aesthetics. Along the staircase leading to the upper floors, To-be with its clean and minimal design discreetly illuminates the room, creating a pleasant visual effect. With a different diameter, To-be reappears in the bedroom giving elegant points of light. The second room, on the other hand, is illuminated by Ely and Emy, pendant lamps made of satin-blown glass, a technique that gives Ely a striped finish and Emy a rhomboidal texture.

Emma Design
Albert Garrido